Advanced Technology

Part of our commitment is to make sure our patients receive the best possible dental care in the most comfortable environment.   Drs. Trinh constantly keep up with day -to-day changes in dental technology.

Our top priority is patients' comfort.   We offer a wide range of sedations in our office from simple medications, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), to IV sedation (sleep dentistry) performed by an anesthesiologist ( a medical doctor specializing in anesthesia).

Drs. Trinh have acquired the latest technology in dental anesthesia to ensure patients' comfort, especially when it is needed the most, such as during root canal therapy or oral surgery.   The majority of patients who experience dental fear, will benefit from this technology. 

Warm pillows and head phones are provided to patients to ensure optimal comfort.

Microscopes are used for microsurgeries to ensure visibility.

Drs. Trinh have acquired the latest machines and technology for root canal therapy.

Drs Trinh currently use the electric drill, it is a lot quieter and performs with less vibration on your teeth, making it easier for patients to relax.

Zoom 2 teeth whitening system is used as seen on ABC's "Extreme Makeover". 

Digital xrays are used to aid in diagnosis and to reduce radiation exposure.

Mini cameras are used to see your dental problems... and your progress.

We recently acquired the Gendex CT scan which enables us to place implants with accuracy and gives us more information for wisdom teeth removal.